LC Music Studio

Professional services in recording, mixing, mastering and music courses.

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Our studio combines a fresh approach to modern music with a vibe that allows you to record with ease. Our passion is to create great sounding tracks that make mixing even easier. 


We carefully edit and fine-tune each track we record. Our goal is to bring more life into already great-sounding recordings and create a mix that translate well across different audio systems.


We offer professional mastering services that focus on giving your music clarity and proper loudness. Mastering is the final & one of the most important stages in finishing your tracks.


We also provides courses in mixing, mastering, music production and songwriting. After completing our courses, you'll be well equipped to take your ability into your own hands. 

About Us

The History

Started in 2019 by rapper & mixing engineer Young Cisto, the studio has focused on creating an engaging and welcoming environment for aspiring musicians.

The Misssion

To help driven musicians create great music leading to a sense of fulfillment

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