What we offer

All our sessions, whether they are focused on music creation or courses are planned and structured for both of us to get the most out of the hours we work together. You can check our rates by visiting our pricing page or book a session and/or consultation with our booking form. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Sound interface: Steinberg UR44
Monitors: Yamaha HS8
Headphones: Beyer Dynamics DT 990s
Microphones: Røde NT1A
Keyboard: M-Audio Keystation 49

Our favorite plugins: Waves R-Compressor and Fabfilter’s PRO-Q 3.



Our studio combines a fresh approach to modern music with a vibe that allows you to record with ease. Our passion is to create great sounding tracks that make mixing even easier. We have a selection of four microphones picked to suit most recording needs. If needed, we rent additional microphones for specific purposes.


We carefully edit and fine-tune each track we record. Our goal is to bring more life into already great-sounding recordings and create a mix that translate well across different audio systems. Our studio space is built around Cubase 11 and a range of software plugins. We use Yamaha HS8, an active 8 inch studio monitor, coupled with Beyer Dynamics DT 990 headphones for monitoring.


Mastering is the final & one of the most important stages in finishing your tracks. We offer professional mastering services that focus on giving your music clarity and proper loudness. The masters we provide create a cohesive listening experience and are ready for distribution on digital streaming services.


Learn mixing

Develop a deep understanding of how to mix your tracks creatively with our mixing course. We dive deep into everything from organizing your mix to exporting a finished track for mastering.

Learn mastering

Learn how to finalize your tracks and have them ready for your release. With our mastering course you'll learn about how to enhance a song with EQ, Compression, Stereo widening and limiters.

Learn production

Every wanted to learn how to produce your own music? Our in-house producers teach their approach to music, theory, use of digital audio workstation, studio gear and give hands-on experience with creating a track from scratch.

Learn songwriting

Are your guitar melodies missing words and vocals? Our course teaches you the fundamentals of songwriting, structure, melody, lyrics, rhyme schemes and phrasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mixing is a process in music creation where you work on each individual recorded track to make them sound great together. It involves applying effects like compression, EQ, panning, saturation, reverbs and setting appropriate levels. 

Mastering is all about creating balance in a single song or a collection of them. Each song is mixed differently because of feel, kind of song, different types of instruments and type of project. By mastering your track professionally, you can ensure that your track translates well to all kinds of speaker systems. 

LC Music Studio provides courses in mixing & mastering. Each course includes 6 classes scheduled over a 6-week period. You can learn more about our courses by reading our services page. 

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly. Tell us a little bit about yourself and the music you make, what course(s) you are interested in and we’ll schedule a time to talk in more detail either in person or digital. 

We currently have two audio engineers working at LC Music Studio. 

Young Cisto: rapper, audio engineer

Kubai: rapper, producer, audio engineer

You can read more about them and their experience on our about page. 

Students who complete our courses will receive a certificate proving that they have completed the course and what type of training was provided. Unfortunately, students will not receive a degree since our courses are not verified by the state.