About Us

Our story

The History

LC Music Studios is a recording studio located at Økern, only 10 minutes from downtown Oslo.

Started in 2019 by rapper & mixing engineer Young Cisto, the studio has focused on creating an engaging and welcoming environment for aspiring musicians.

Our Mission

To help driven musicians create great music leading to a sense of fulfilment. 

What's Next

We aim to expand our studio to different locations and purchase new gear to accommodate bigger recording sessions.

What's Our Motto

“The first step is the hardest, we take care of the rest.”

- Young Cisto

Our team

Young Cisto

Owner / Audio Engineer

Young Cisto is the owner of LC Music Studio with a decade of experience writing and recording music. Sam specializes in audio engineering and songwriting and is responsible for running the studio. 

Chingy Kubai

Audio Engineer / Producer

Chingy Kubai is a rapper, music producer and audio engineer from Oslo. Kubai Specializes in hip-hop production and songwriting with a few years experience from the United States.